Van Antwerp's Mechanical Whole House Check-up


    -  If your house provides enough fresh air ventilation.

    -  How to make your house more comfortable and lower your utility bills.

    -  How to reduce respiratory allergy suffering.

    -  How to keep outside dust and pollen out of your home.




Developed by DOE (Department of Energy - United States of America).

Featured on: CBS, ABC, NBC & CNN News, PBS's "This Old House", and National Geographic Magazine.

The Infiltrometer instrument is owned and used by NASA, the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, the US Environmental Protection Agency, the United Nations, Utility Companies, Universities and Scientists around the World.

Test have been performed on industrial facilities owned by GM, MCI, United Airlines, Walt Disney World and many others and on hundreds of thousands of homes.


The checkup only takes about an hour and a half, depending on size of home. The computerized Infiltrometer will evaluate the fresh air exchanger and thermal efficiency of your entire home.

Our technician will then take the time to show you any problems found and if requested will provide an estimate for any recommended repairs.