Replacing Your System

There are many things to consider when choosing your heating and cooling system and a company you can trust that your heating and cooling system was engineered and installed properly. No worries! Van Antwerp’s Mechanical take pride in their superior installations, blended with excellent service. Quality is very important!

A new system is an investment. As a homeowerner you can't afford to get it wrong. If the system is too big or too small, it can't run properly and will cost you money in the long run. Even failing prematurely.

Van Antwerp's Mechanical wants to make sure your home is comfortable throughout the seasons.

All work performed by Van Antwerp's Mechanical complies with state and local building codes, energy codes and regulations in each jurisdiction. Licensed, insured and trained to the highest standards, treating you with the courtesy and respect every customer deserves.

You will not have to worry wither the new system will heat or/and cool your home properly. Van Antwerp's Mechanical ensures that heat loss and heat gain load calculations are performed for every HVAC system installation/replacement.

We ensure that all equipment is properly sized and selected prior to being installed. That all evaporators, condensing units, and furnaces are properly matched systems as identified by industry-recognized certification programs.

Van Antwerp's Mechanical offer FREE ESTIMATES for in home sales, which we guarantee! When you invest into a new home system, you are not only getting energy efficient equipment, you are also getting peace of mind knowing it was engineered and installed properly.

We believe in Customer Satisfaction.

Van Antwerp's Mechanical will educate you the homeowner and/or operator on how to both operate and maintain the installed equipment and will promote system maintenance to aid in the continuing performance of the installed equipment. We also advise you of any pre-existing defects and deficiencies that may be in the comfort system and/or home, and that supports offering options to resolve the issues.

But, that’s just the beginning, this is a major investment. By choosing the right energy efficient system; you will save on your utility bills. Why pay the utility companies when you can use that savings and invest into a new energy efficient system for your home?

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Don't suffer through another Michigan HOT summer or COLD winter without a reliable furnace and/or air conditioning system.