Van Antwerp's Mechanical Whole House Check-up


  • 1. How to make your house more comfortable and lower your utility bills.
  • 2. How to keep outside dust and pollen out of your home.
  • 3. How to reduce respiratory allergy suffering.
  • 4. If your house provides enough fresh air ventilation.


Our Consultant will do an Equipment Inspection, Insulation Inspection, Infiltrometer™ Blower Door Test, Air Leakage Evaluation, Air Flow Diagnosis and your Consultant will then provide you with a personalized plan to solve these problems, permanently.

Using advanced diagnostic instruments and testing procedures - Van Antwerp's Mechanical will identify problems that affect your indoor living environment.

The computerizes Infiltrometer will evaluate the fresh air exchanger and thermal efficiency of your entire home. Our technician will then take the time to show you any problems found and if requested will provide an estimate for any recommended repairs. 


  • 1. Do you have rooms that are hard to heat or cool? 
  • 2. Does dust quickly reappear on your furniture after cleaning? 
  • 3. Do any family members suffer from allergies or asthma? 
  • 4. Does the air in your home seem stale or stuffy? 
  • 5. Would you like to save on your monthly utility bills?